iOS development


Our iOS expertise is 3+ years mostly using Objective C and using Swift for new projects.

We value writing decoupled code very highly. Using design patterns, unit tests and ongoing testing from the start ensure the project’s success.

Functional specifications and maintaining documentation is also important. Besides status emails and reports, our team updates documentation during programming tasks to keep a clear state of the project.

Keeping up with new technologies, our team can use any Apple framework or required 3rd party library.

Here’s a short list of technologies used up to this point:

Apple technologies

  • UIkit (table views, collection views, etc..), Core data, HTTP, REST, Storyboards,
  • Xcode Instruments, Unit testing

3rd party libraries

  • Cocoa Pods
  • Google analytics
  • Fabric
  • Carnival push notifications
  • Bugsee

Source control

  • Git (Github, Gitlab)
  • Svn

Project management

  • Jira, Confluence
  • Trello

Other languages and skills

  • Bash
  • Python
  • Gimp
  • Travis-ci